About Moldeo

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Moldeo is a platform that allows experimentation both with new technologies in graphic computing, as well as with new artistic, communicational and scientific concepts. It is an open source development that enables the realization of interactive environments with video and animation elements - in two and three dimensions - and with digital effects in real time. 

With a development of modules and filters -one of live drawing, another of particles plus a module of editing and post-production of special effects-, Moldeo is real time really, in Linux, Windows and Mac and a definitive goodbye to the long wait times for renders.

The applications of this technology are: the synesthetic generation of visual settings in theatrical works, in performative events or in any other space where a live visual component is necessary.

Open Source

The main objective of this project is the development of an open source tool for real-time realization, animation and processing of images, videos and three-dimensional data. This tool, named Moldeo, can use heterogeneous input sources such as live video or data through a network. The output can be seen on a computer screen or projected on large surfaces or redirected through the network.

The main purpose of Moldeo is to create audiovisual EXPERIENCES in different stages: theater, installations, performances, communication events. The concepts of interpretation and improvisation are centrally involved in Molding, since it allows the user / performer / artist to literally "touch" (as well as who plays an instrument) the images and all the parameters that affect them.


Característica Alcance
C++ Code Core  (libmoldeo), plugins (moldeoplugins), IDE (moldeodirector), Player (moldeoplayer)
Multiplatform Souce Code compatible con Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
Multiplatform User interface Code compatible con Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
OpenGL (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) Support maintained with the oldest and most supported versions of OpenGL
OOP. Object Oriented Programming (strong) See Class Hierarchy See Class Diagram moMoldeoObject
Extensible Each effect of Molding is an extension that we call "plugin". See moldeoplugins.
Configurable objects
Each object has a configuration with its own parameters, publishable and extensible by the user.
Inter-Conectable objects Each object can be interconnected with several objects through a message system that can link any parameter with another of the same type. This allows more complex and interactive behaviors to be created.
Programmable objects Each object can be altered with a "script" written with the LUA programming language. The IDE (moldeodirector) allows to program, modify and compile this code in real time.
Standardization Moldeo seeks to continuously align itself with the most open standards in the industry (PNG, OPENGL, GSTREAMER, XML, HTML5, CSS3, etc ...). At the same time, all its configuration files are based on editable text formats (XML) and follow a logic of standardization of its own format as well as trying to maintain maximum compatibility between its own versions.
Wide documentation  This feature, still in development, increasingly involves the participation of the community. We are continuously writing documentation of the source code, recording video tutorials with the idea of ​​forming, documenting and disseminating the use but at the same time the training of teachers on the use of this tool.